Fantastic after hike Belgian waffles……

Kitchen: Dessert shop

Area: Stanley

Price range: Belgian waffles from 22 hkd, brownies from 22 hkd, American pancakes from 22 hkd, ice-cream cones 33 hkd, fresh milkshakes 52 hkd, ice-cream sandwiches 33 hkd.

Alfresco dining: You can enjoy your waffles on the lovely public terrace.

Reservations: No

Experience: We have spotted this place after a hike on the ‘Twins’. Waffle man is the perfect place for a sweet treat after hiking, or a stroll by Stanley’s Waterfront. They serve fantastic Belgian waffles and sweet desserts like American pancakes and brownies which go perfectly together with their signature ice-cream flavours. Sit down and relax on the public terrace and enjoy nice views of Stanley.

Kiki & Amèl’s favourite: Belgian waffle with cookie ice-cream!!

Address: Waffleman shop 407, 23 Carmel Road, Stanley

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