Via Tokyo

Via Tokyo after dinner…….

Kitchen: Ice cream

Area: Causeway Bay

Price range: Cones from 35 hkd | Mochi cake from 40 hkd | Fruit platter from 42 hkd | Tea sets from 66 hkd.

Specials: They have big discounts for take-away cones. Also, every season some new flavours like Royal milk tea or Oolong tea.

Awards: Best new restaurant (2014), Best dining award (2014,2015,2016), Best dessert shop (2016), Best restaurant in Causeway Bay (2016).

Experience: Via Tokyo is a popular Japanese ice cream and dessert shop. They serve traditional Japanese desserts, cakes and specialty coffee. The ice cream is made from Hokkaido milk and/or matcha. The matcha powder comes from Kyoto and gives the matcha ice cream a strong scent and green tea flavour. We loved the creamy and smooth texture of the soft serve! An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away 😉

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: Original Hokkaido ice cream with mochi | fruit platter with ice cream | Original Hokkaido cone.

Address: Via Tokyo | G/F, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay.

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