Vego Coffee

Looking for Vegan food in Jordan?

Kitchen: Vegan

Area: Jordan (TST)

Price range: Coffee from 30 hkd / tea for 38 hkd / sourdough toast for 118 hkd / energy bowl from 98 hkd / vegan cake for 54 hkd.

Lunch set: No.

Reservations: No need.

Experience: Vego Coffe plates up a range of vegan sandwiches, energy bowls, desserts and drinks. Using meat substitutes such as omnipork and imitate tuna, the cafe’s menu has been created with care. The shop is selling some vegan and healthy groceries too, and the dining area is in a separate store. Try their vegan chocolate brownie or banana bread, and keep an eye out for he daily vegan cakes.

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: Vegan chocolate brownie / Sourdough toast with 4 toppings at your choice.

Address: Vego Coffee / 154-156 Austin Road, Jordan.

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