Lucky Indonesia Restaurant

So ‘Lucky’ we found this authentic Indonesian restaurant!!

Kitchen: Indonesian

Area: Kwun Tong

Price Range: Saté from 65 hkd | Fried rice (nasi) from 55 hkd | Fried noodles (mee) from 68 hkd | Snacks from 55 hkd.

Recommendation: Bib Gourmand (Michelin) since 2013.

Happy hour: x

Lunch: à la carte.

Reservations: They don’t have a website, but you can call them at 23893545 when you’re with a bigger group. The restaurant is perfect for walk-ins though.

Experience: Lucky Indonesia serves authentic and tasty dishes from the Javanese kitchen. You won’t be blown away by the interior, or the presentation of the dishes. Just Old School Indonesian food that you share with friends, with a ‘Cendol’ on the side! Don’t miss the charcoal roasted saté! The staff is friendly and willing to tell you something more about the Indonesian food and Indonesia itself. Bring cash, because they don’t accept credit cards.

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: Nasi Goreng / Mee Goreng / Gado Gado / Lumpia Goreng / Sate Ayam / Tahu Telor / Es Cendol.

Address: 46 Tung Ming St, Kwun Tong.

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