Hung Kee Seafood restaurant

Beach day Long Ke Wan + dinner at Hung Kee = HK bucketlist material…

Kitchen: Chinese

Signature dishes: Seafood and lobster

Area: Sai Kung

Price range: Seafood from 80 hkd, Miscellaneous dishes from 80 hkd, fried noodle from 65 hkd, rice dishes from 68 hkd, noodle in soup from 88 hkd, barbecued & soya sauce dishes from 78 hkd.

Lunch: Yes!

Al fresco dining: Yes! Hung Kee has a huge terrace on the pedestrianised waterfront promenade overlooking the shimmering sea.

Experience: Hung Kee Seafood is located at the waterfront promenade, nicknamed Seafood Street. Like many restaurants at the promenade Hung Kee features tanks brimming with fish, crabs, shrimps, shellfish and probably a few mystery creatures you have never seen before, while fishermen hawk their catches directly from their boats that float close by. You are welcome to bring your own seafood or purchase in their restaurant. You can choose your preferred way of cooking. A cooking fee will be charged. Invite your friends and book a speedboat to Ham Tin beach, Tai Long Wan beach, or Long Ke Wan beach and finish your beach day at Hung Kee Seafood restaurant. It’s one for the HK bucket list.

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: We bought a freshly caught fish at one of the fishermen’s boats, one of the chefs from Hung Kee prepared it for us. Shrimps tossed with garlic, fried calamari, fried rice in crab shell. Order a fresh lobster from the tanks!

Address: Hung Kee Seafood Shop 6&9-10, GF, Siu Yat Building, Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square.

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