Izakaya night at Fukuro…………

Kitchen: Japanese / Izakaya

Area: Soho, Central

Price range: raw from 128 hkd, snacks from 38 hkd, tempura from 98 hkd, robata from 88 hkd, noodles/rice from 148 hkd, sweet 58/pc, sake from 138 hkd.

Lunch: No

Alfresco dining: No

Reservations: walk-in, reservations for more than 4 pax available

Experience: Fukuro is a spirited Izakaya that pays homage to the energetic Tokyo watering holes where suited salarymen go to eat, drink and let loose after work. The food is meant to be shared and the amounts of drinking will be copious. When you enter the restaurant you will be warmly welcomed by members of ‘The Black Sheep’ family. Order a Sake from the impressive Sake collection and enjoy the cool vibe, sleek interior and great sharing dishes.

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: Tuna Tataki, Sushi Taco, Prawn Gyoza, Unagi Kamameshi hot pot rice.

Address: Fukuro The Soho, Winly Building, Elgin Street, Central.

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