Freezing In.

It’s FREEZING, so warm up with coffee

Area: Sham Shui Po

Kitchen: Coffee and cookies

Price range: Coffee from 55 hkd | Cookies from 26 hkd.

Specials: Freeze is a lifestyle shop that uses concrete with different elements to create a new cement style. The Freezing In. is the coffee shop, inside the store.

Experience: Founded in August 2020, Freezing In. is a coffee shop that specializes in single origin coffee . It’s a casual and relaxed cafe, with an inspiring design. They offer a good selection of international coffee beans (Kenya, Ethiopia, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica), and the coffee is brewed with a lot of love. The cookies looked great, especially the oreo-s’mores flavour, so we’ll have to go back for that. They have limited inside and outside seating options.

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: Classic pour over | Hoji Latte | Macha Latte. My friend told me the macha latte was one of the best she’d ever tried.

Address: Freezing In. 98 Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po.

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