Bibi & Baba

Ever tried Nyonya cuisine?

Kitchen: blend of Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian

Area: Wan Chai

Price range: small plates from 68 hkd, noodles from 102 hkd, mains from 128 hkd, dessert 58 hkd.

Lunch: Yes! Set lunch menu: starter + main + tea or coffee 140 hkd

Alfresco: No

Reservations: you can book a table online.

Experience: Defined by color, spice and the marriage of cultures, Bibi & Baba represents the literal fusing of Chinese and Malay traditions. A melange of two worlds that built the foundations of Peranakans society, also referred to as Baba Nyonya. The Nyonya cuisine dates back to the 15th century when Chinese immigrants married South East Asian partners, creating new dishes with both South East Asian and Chinese influences at home. The restaurant has a really cool vibe! The menu, the food, the interior and even the hairstyle from some of the staff members is colorful. I loved it!

Kiki & Amèl’s favourites: Kueh Pie Tee, Vegetarian spring rolls, Timun Sambal salad, Calamansi drink, Beef Rending Rice, Nasi Lemak, Nyonya Laksa Lemak.

Address: Bibi & Baba 7 Ship Street, Wan Chai

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